• 2012: Highs & Lows
    22 December 2012

    It has been a very fruitful year filled with ups and downs. The past two months have been a challenge for me personally because I battled work, school and personal life and all I can say is that I got through it with sheer hard work and proper time management – and not forgetting sacrifices (no movies, going home to study or to sleep, less time out with friends and etc). It was painful but worth it!

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  • Theatre Review: Army Daze
    3 September 2012

    Army Daze is a term that has been synonymous with being a Singaporean. The first thought that comes to mind when a person mentions ‘Army Daze’ one would be reminded of the 1996 Singaporean comedy movie written by Michael Chiang. One interesting fact is that it was a theatre play performed in 1987 before it was made into the hit movie.

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  • Work Ethics
    21 July 2012

    First and foremost I would like to wish all Muslims, Happy Ramadhan! A lot of things has been happening and I realised time is passing by very fast. Sometimes I find myself feeling hard to breathe or even catch my breath. What I would like to share for this edition of my blog entry is work ethics.

    What is work ethics basically? You guys might have a smorgasbord definition of the term - I will just list out the basics. Work ethics has to come from the fundamental idea of humanity. Yes everyone has rights but not all rights come with a free pass – some come with a price. For example, everyone has the right to do anything they want, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to take a gun and shoot people in the cinema when they are watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. No, rights are only applicable when you only harm yourself and not other people. I would think you have caught the drift.

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  • Theatre Review: Trainstopping
    25 June 2012

    This review is a bit overdue, but better late than never right? As Sight Lines Productions is opening a new show in the coming days - Boom, I thought, maybe I should finish that review I wrote 4 weeks ago. So here it is guys!
    Sight Lines Productions, the new kid on the block in the theatre industry made their debut with Trainstopping, a play that thoroughly looks into the various trials and tribulations that plagues the average Singaporean and especially the government. No, I’m not talking about a play that addresses the issues but rather one that thoroughly digs deeper into the cynical minds of Singaporeans. The play that features Siti Khalijah (Gemuk Girls, The Hossan Leong Show & Boeing Boeing), Darius Tan (Cinderel-lah!, Fried Rice Paradise & Beauty World The Musical), Celine Rosa Tan(The Full Monty, Three Little Pigs & Forbidden City), is carefully crafted to effectively actualise the mind of Singaporeans. It became a bit scary when a lot of the things portrayed and performed were very real, why you may ask? This is because most of the stuff happens in my everyday life (in the train mostly) and maybe yours too.

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  • Theatre Review: Those who can’t, teach
    9 May 2012

    I want to feature some of my professional writing here in my blog. For this entry, I’m publishing a theatre review on a theatre production put up by graduating students from NAFA which I attended several weeks ago. It was a good, good show!

    As I step into the studio theatre, I was excited to know that audiences were embedded as part of the set. As anticipated, the actor-audience interaction was generous! Those who can’t, teach, a play written by Haresh Sharma, well-known playwright of calibre, was restaged by graduating students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

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